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Monday, September 23, 2013

Is it soup yet?

One of my most favorite people in the world will be dropping by here this afternoon after work to assess his trees.  Our tree man owns our trees--no one else is allowed to touch them except him.  We love him and trust him completely.  There are a few dead limbs up way high in the squirrel zone and our trees simply need a trim to keep them at their best.  Because they are enormous, sometimes it takes him two weekends or week day afternoons.  Other times just one.  What he cuts always ends up in either our fireplace or my fire pit, so I think of it as recycling.

After my walk this morning a la jacket, I've decided to make a big pot of soup for dinner.  Yes, it will be 95 degrees by then but I am merely getting ready for Fall here, and pretending I'm in Colorado where this morning in Crested Butte it was 36 degrees.  Oh, yeah, baby....that's what I'm talking about.  Hell, I make make several pots of soup today because I can.  My freezer's looking lonely so if not today, tomorrow.

 I did not watch the Emmy's last night and the reality is, most of the nominated shows I don't watch anyway.  I figure I can get a wrap up and see what everybody wore today without all the boring stuff. I'd rather read anyway and speaking of that, I started a new book, Golden Boy, over the weekend and it's a mind blower.  It's about an intersex (hermaphrodite) boy(?) living in England and it's a page turner to say the least.  Will let you know what I think if I finish it today.  (Note:  I am carrying my Nook everywhere with me, except the shower.)

That's it from this end.  Happy Monday.

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