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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Early morning

This morning I got up early to walk.  It's part of my new regime and so far, I'm one for one.  Cool stuff happens in the early morning a fact lots of you no doubt know and a fact I'd forgotten.  How wonderful it is to watch the world wake up.  Everything is so fresh and beautiful.  And peaceful.  Even the sun isn't awake yet.

It's wonderfully quiet and very few cars are out yet.  Other walkers are contemplative and their good mornings are soft.  Everyone is waking up slowly, together.  Even the birds aren't talking a lot.  Lovely.

This morning as I headed down the block, I heard an occasional noise that sounded like a lady yelling.  Nothing too disturbing.  Just sort of odd.  As I was about to turn the corner, my red headed neighbor across the street, Penny, rounded the corner singing along with her ipod, at the top of her lungs.  Ear plugs in place, she was giving it everything she had and she had no idea how she sounded.  I could barely control my myself.  Hysterical giggles were on the verge of squirting out of every pore on my body and luckily, we were going in opposite directions.  You go, Penny!!  Sing it, girl!!!  Now, back to the quiet.  Please.

I used the time on my walk to contemplate my day ahead.  I asked God to guide and direct me and keep me safe.   What a soothing way to begin my day.  I highly recommend it.

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