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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Last night's wrap up


It's only fitting that we discuss Nashville's season opener last night.  Whoa.  Did everyone look different to you?  I think they used a soft filter for the shots from the past, and then forgot to take it back off.  It was just different, I guess.  Gunnar now has a wimpy mustache, they finally fixed the color of that huge bale of hay on Scarlet's head, thank you, Lord, and even Reyna looked different-- even though she was supposed to look all coma-ish.  Freckles??  Those were new and I liked them.  They also must have sent Scarlett to a diction coach because I noticed her annoying nasal hillbilly twang was gone.  Another big old high five for that.  I was ready to kill her by the end of last season.

But I knew I was home when old Juliette started her phony "let's all pray for my idol, Reyna" and all the "thousand points of light" tribute.  Yee haw!!  Here comes all her badassery and double dealing, quickly spinning to her empathetic side, being there for Reyna's oldest daughter, Maddie. Then whiplash back to badass when Maddie tells Juliette who her real real father is.  You can just see Juliette filing that away for use later.  Woo hoo!!!  Now, see....that's TV. 

It does not appear that Gunnar has gained any intelligence over the summer.  Burning Scarlett's sofa was a real  genius move considering he now has nothing to sit on.  Never mind it's significance...dude...can you not just throw a sheet over it for the time being?  It did look like a lot of fun, though, until the fire department showed up.

Where was Lamar, Deacon's AA sponsor...the big old African American guy?  I love him because he always reminds me of T. D. Jakes, (The Potters House) here in Dallas.  And as for Deacon claiming he was driving, I thought they'd angst us a whole lot longer on that, and I'm sooo glad they didn't.  I DID NOT want to have to worry about Deacon for another week, and you know what's coming, don't you?  Yeah...that smart lady attorney with the rockin' bod.  They could have cast a dumpy older gal or just some guy, but they didn't, now did they, so buckle up.  It could get even more interesting.

Now, I don't think for a second Deacon and Reyna aren't destined to be together because. well....they just ARE, but suffice it to say, not for quite awhile.  That wouldn't be any fun.  And speaking of no fun.....Teddy. (head bang, head bang, head bang)  And his crazy no longer pregnant GF?  Hilarious but totally superfluous.

Frankly, I don't know what I expected last night, but I love that it appears they are going after Reyna's dad, in the death of her mother.  Jeeze...sure took 'um long enough didn't it?  She's been dead forever, and wouldn't it just be a hoot to see Reyna's slimy old father in an orange jumpsuit and ankle chains?  Makes me laugh just thinking about it.  He's a mean old cuss, isn't he?  He'll worm out, but it will be fun to watch anyway.

Avery's guitar playing and the music last night, was just a killer.  The duet with Gunnar and Scarlett  at the Bluebird was beyond beautiful.  All and all, a fun 60 minutes.

That's it for last night.  Don't forget to watch Scandal tonight.  I can hardly wait!

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