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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Was it really necessary in TEXAS?


Now that I know I didn't dream that my cell phone went off with an Amber alert last night and that a lot of folks had their phones go off, too, I'm rounding the corner to Pissedoffville.  It was for a little boy in Tulsa, Oklahoma who's mentally unstable dad had kidnapped him, and though I am thrilled he is safe, my phone going off like that nearly caused a heart attack.  It was like in the cartoons when someone got so scared they ran around in circles or ran through a door...that was me.  And then when the text alert disappeared from my phone this morning, I wasn't sure what happened last night.

That loud cell phone throbbing "alert" noise certainly works and I was just sure WWIII had started.  Now, as to who made that genius decision last night, I don't know but I'm betting they are regretting their itchy trigger finger this morning.  I know I sure am.

Check back later today.  I may have more to cuss and discuss. 

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