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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hip Pope

It's no secret that I think Pope Francis rocks.  I sort of have a little Pope crush going.  Can't help it.  He's just so cool I would almost become Catholic but then I'm a tad too open minded (liberal) to do that very well.  His latest comment about how priests being celibate is just customary--not dogma--tells me this man really understands humans and human nature.  I mean think about it...if you are going to your priest for marriage/relationship counseling, do you want to talk to someone who is married and has that background of experience, or do you want some guy advising you who is not, and has not, EVER been married?  I personally want someone whose been in the trenches and understand where I'm coming from, and has that experience.  And if the Pope ever allows women priests, I say we vote him in as World Pope.  Here he is in a selfie with students.  I just love him.

As you all already know, my brain hops around to different topics, so hit the brakes for a sharp turn.   Yesterday while at Sam's-- fashion's Mecca--I found some replacement warm up suits for mom.  As I'm digging through and playing fashionista, it occurred to me, do you really buy more clothes for someone who is dying?  And the answer that popped into my head was "hell, yes, you do". I put mom together several of the soft hooded jackets and pants, in colors I liked, hoping she will, too, and called my sister to check out my reality.  I left her a voice mail saying I'd gotten mom some more new warm stuff, asking her "if I'd lost my mind".  She returned my call after dinner assuring me I had not lost my marbles, and that she couldn't look at some of mom's clothes anymore either. 

So, part of today's mission is to take a big old yard trash bag over, again, and weed through mom's clothes.  I'm going to have a real pitchfest.  I may even go BACK to Sam's, who knows.  I know that seems like a no brainer to some people, but sometimes dealing with this disease, my brain gets scrambled.  Since I don't know how long mom has, and the decline is slow but steady, I think that's what trips me up.  It's not like I'm buying mom this seasons couture', so case closed.  I'm off to deliver her new threads.

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