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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mary's story

Mary called me late yesterday afternoon after the tree man left and asked if I could come talk to her.  I said "Sure" so off Sis and I went.  Clearly distraught, she said I need you to listen to this story, I nodded, and she began.  Seems she got a phone call from her grandson at A&M saying he was "in trouble" and asked if she could help him.  He and a friend had been pulled over in the friend's car and the Po-Po's found drugs in the friends car.

Now for the good part: "Grandma (he doesn't call her that), I need you to wire cash to the bail bonds man" to the tune of $2,500, and "Don't tell my parents or I'll hear about this for the rest of my life".  Mary said "OK".  After thinking about it, she called her oldest and asked him "Do I keep the secret from your brother or do I tell?"  He was adamant that "You call my brother right now!" and she did.  Her younger son listened to the story, said "Mom, let me call you right back".  Meanwhile he talked to people in his office, and then called his son and asked him"Where are you?"  The son said "Dad...I'm walking to class.  Why?"

Mary said the voice didn't really sound like her grandson but she was in such a flap that when she told him that, he said he "had a cold".  Scam alert.  Mary was ALMOST out $2,500 until she asked someone else for help and checked out her reality. No doubt the address of where to send the money is offshore somewhere out of the US.

Of all the jackassery, this just beats all.  I hope there's a flammin' hot rotisserie in hell waiting for that guy.  By the time Mary had finished her story, she looked like an old pinata.  She was just flummoxed.  I suggested that her family might consider establishing a code word that they all know for just these types of situations.  If someone doesn't or can't give you the code word, hang up. 

She thought she was a dumb old lady and I told her quite the contrary!!  Any of us could have been frightened by something like that and that she did great.  I gave her a big hug and told her she got an A+ in wisdom and to call me if she got scared.  

Honestly....doesn't that just beat all??               

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