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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ode to Sis

My favorite things about my dog, Sis.  That's what I want to discuss this morning.

1)  I love the fur between her pads.   When she's asleep, I like to tweak it with my fingernails and watch her twitch.
2)  I love the silky soft fur on the sides of her face.  I like to rub my cheeks against hers and smell her dog smell.
3)  I love the puppy softness of her tummy and the way it feels when she's standing, licking egg off my plate.
4)  I love her ears.  I like to flip them back a la pirate or make her a German Fraulein. 
5)  I love that her ears reach a peak of "ripeness" (smell) right before they become too houndy
6)  I love that she's so damn smart.  She knows I get her and vice versa, so it's like having a very best friend in a dog suit.
7)  I love/hate that she can be so stubborn.  Its hilarious, and at the same time, I want to kill her.
8)  I love that she's so girly but snores and barks in her sleep.
9)  I love that she can get her needs met so easily--especially with men.
10)  I love that she's growing old gracefully.  She doesn't care that she's not as young as she once was and she's never worried about how she looks.
11)  I love that she knows exactly what she wants and if you don't know, she'll patiently show you.  Just follow her lead.
12)  I love that she's a hound, loves old nasty burrito wrappers she finds in the alley, rolls in dog poo occasionally, and hates squirrels as much as I do.
13)  I love the "paint brush" tip at the end of her tail and the swirls on either side of her behind.
14)  I love that she's so funny.  Her facial expressions are the bomb and she knows she's funny.
15)  I love that she's honest about her fears. 
16)  I love all the "knobs" on her.  She has fatty tumors (lipomas) all over her and I pretend like they're door bells and ring them, gently.
17)  I love that I can tell when she's lying. 
18) I love that she gives more love than she could ever take. 
I love that my love for her is endless....she's my Sis.        

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