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Friday, September 27, 2013

Mom and dogs


One of my favorite pictures of mom, and her dog, whatever it's name was.  This was taken at Four Acres, mom's home at White Rock lake.  All of mom's family on her dad's side were HUGE dog people.  Especially her dad and his sister.  That sure explains a lot since everyone in my family is dog crazy.  I never saw a dog that did not like my mother.  She could make your own dog love her, more than you.  Trust me on this. 

Wiggles, my man dog, worshiped her and would wedge in his rear end, to sit next to her on the couch while she watched TV.  Her Pugs, especially her rescued one, Mugsy, would growl and try to snap at him.  He simply stayed right where he was.  Mug would finally figure out he wasn't budging, and would go sit on the other side of mom.  Mom loved every second of it.  She knew her power over pups. 

If it was late afternoon and she was eating popcorn or those fun size Snickers, everybody got a bite.  Man...she could turn your own dog against you. :)))

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