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Friday, September 20, 2013

Mom update

I found out yesterday that mom does indeed have a urinary tract infection as I suspected.  She just wasn't acting normal --whatever that looks like with dementia-- and I had requested that they run a urinalysis and a culture, if warranted.  That was on Sunday.  (Thank you to the crummy lab for taking 4 days.)  Her Hospice nurse told me she didn't think mom had one and I said "OK...let's just rule it out to be safe".  She agreed, and told me advancing dementia can look a lot like other things with all the grimacing and grunting--stuff I have zero experience with.  But I do know my mom, and all this came on way too fast not to just rule out something else. 

They started her on meds last night and when I went by to visit with her and tell her she would be feeling LOADS better soon, I could tell at first she didn't understand what I was telling her.  Note to self: too much information.  Keep it simple.  She definitely understood we were finally on the road to her feeling better and she said "fix it?" and I said "YOU BETCHA".  With that, her face transformed.  I told her I had known something was wrong--just not what, exactly.  Her eyes never left my face.  It was almost as if she'd said to me "You see see I'm still in hereThank you."

Kinda gave me the weepies.  All I could think of was all the little old people, little kids, animals, who don't have someone to advocate for them.  It could have turned out just as easily that mom didn't have a UTI.  In fact, I'd have preferred that.  I don't need to be right here.  I just need her to be comfortable or as comfortable as I can possibly get her.  She deserves that.  We all do.

Damn...who ever said this was "parenting your parent" was right on target. 

Happy rainy Friday to all.  Enjoy, read books, watch TV, chill, cook, play with your pups, whatever.  Remember to take some time for yourself. You're worth it. 

And now for a little day brightener....

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