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Sunday, September 15, 2013


Hi, everybody.  My name is Caroline and I am a stalker.  Specifically a pecan stalker and it starts every year around this time.  I start scoping out all the pecan trees in my neighborhood and I stalk them.  I swing by on my walks to see if they are dropping their booty yet.  Some actually are, but I think that's squirrel influenced AND drought related (?).  Not sure.  They still have on their green, hard as hell shell covers, but I'm watchin'....and I'm waitin'.....because soon I'm gonna make the squirrels fight me for them. 

Not sure why I love cracking pecans but I just do.  There's something so relaxing about being outside and doing something worthwhile, that does not involve yard work or make you sweat.  That's really the best part.  The no sweating.  Sis can sit beside me on the driveway or in the backyard, sunning herself, and suddenly, all is right in the world, and Syria and the rest of the world fade to black.  It's just me, Sis, and the out of doors.  Nature.  And pecan cracking.

I will say sometimes it makes my fingers/fingernails a little sore but that's when I ask my assistant to join me.  He can do the cracking and I can do the picking.  We can also solve the worlds problems while we work, so that's another benefit.  We'll yik and yak about all sorts of things and before you know it, we've got an entire freezer zip lock bag of fresh pecans.  Now, that's livin', folks. 

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