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Friday, September 6, 2013

The Most Dreaded Mail


Oh, rats.  Somehow the court system has found me, again, and is requesting the pleasure of my company at 1PM on Nov. 12th.  Oh, ick.  I scanned the list of disqualifiers and exemptions, knowing full well I didn't have a snowballs chance in Havana of meeting any of that criteria but, hey.....give a girl some hope. As I suspected, not a chance.  Looks like I'm there and available.  I think I can handle just about anything but child abuse so I plan to do my civic duty and show up.  I'm not real sure I know what a Petit Jury really is and that's even after I googled it.  I have a feeling I'm about to find out. 

Mary, my elderly next door neighbor, called a few minutes ago and not recognizing the number, I almost didn't answer.  She was at the car place and realized she'd left her water running in the backyard "and would you please go cut it off!"  She was in such a flap that at first I had to slow her roll and find out exactly where she meant.  Mary has the most elaborate (complicated) hose and watering system I have ever encountered and even though she has a relatively new sprinkler system, I can't tell that thing has so much as spit on her yard lately.  Anywho, I found the hose in question, her yard was a tad swampy, but will absorb it all in no time.  She called again just now to be sure I'd "taken care of the crazy old lady next door".  I assured her I'd found it, and all is well.

I had taken her some pumpkin bread on Monday and was told "I'm so glad it's Fall!  That means you'll be cooking again!" and I had to laugh.  She's exactly right, I will, and she said "she wanted to be sure her name was still on the recipient list!"  I assured her she was in the #1 spot, as she is my best taste tester and best critic, after Brian.  Read:  she'll eat anything and is nice.  Plus, walking over with Sis on my heels, to deliver something still warm, is just fun!

Happy Friday to all!! 

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