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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Benji does Dallas

What a weekend.  Benji blew into town and right back out leaving tumbleweeds in his dust.  Egads.  He moves at the speed of young.  Me?  Not so much.  I'm happy with a tad bit slower pace.  We had loads of fun in the car driving back from Houston, simply because it was the longest amount of time we'd had together uninterrupted in ages, to just gab.  And yack we did.  Ditto last night and this morning.

One of my favorite parts, though, had to be when Benji was Face Timing on his laptop with Andrea, with Sis beside him so Andrea could see the Black Bird.  Truthfully, Sis was a tad bit confused by it all and sniffed at the screen once or twice, but all in all she did her part for at least a little while.  I do wonder what Sis must have looked like to Andrea...all black, pink collar, and a big snout?   I'm thinking that's probably fairly accurate.  Sorry, Sis.     

It's so fun for me to have both of my sons together in the same room, after so long.  As a mom, they are so fun to watch....I love to see them make each other laugh, bring up old stories and rehash.  To be so different, they are so alike.  What really messes with my head is when they each flash the others specific facial expression.  I start forgetting who is actually talking.  I begin to ask myself " is that Benji... or is that just Benji looking like Brian...or is that Brian?  Then my brain fog clears and an hour or so later, it happens again.  After a few of those, I know it's bedtime.  My brain is fried and it's not going to get better from here.  Go. to. bed.

Lastly, to flu shot or not to flu shot, that was today's question.  I didn't last year, after years of shots, but on a whim today, I went ahead and got one.  I figured it couldn't hurt (it didn't) but now my arm is aching (wah) and I just want to play sick.  I think I'll go take an Tylenol, get in my bed, and just whine.  Good night, all.

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