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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Crazy World

I am excited. I have to admit it.  I received a phone call late yesterday afternoon from Senora Maria, my BF, confidant, and iron-er extraordinaire that she thinks she'll be here on Monday.  Now, I'm a seeing is believing kind of gal, but even my toes are crossed hoping she comes.  Her son Willie is slightly better (he's been in and out of the hospital) and I'll know more about him perhaps next week.  We didn't get to chat as long as I would have liked--I had someone here--but when I told her Benji had just been here she was crushed.  They haven't seen each other in forever and she loves nothing more than catching up on Benji and Andrea, and Brian, and actually seeing them is best. Essentially, she knows the whole clan so it's fun to dish about our respective families. 

She loves that I love the new Pope and thinks she will secretly convert me someday.  I keep telling her I'd be a lousy Catholic and she laughs knowing I'm right.  I would have to be more of a drive though Catholic, than the real deal.  Confession, church, and a coffee to go, please.

And speaking of the Pope, what in the world did I read today about the conservatives of the Catholic faith not liking him....what the hell??  They finally get a Pope who really understand what's important, and they don't like him.  Snort.  What's up with that?  Oh, yeah....he's loving and not discriminatory.  He wants less finger pointing and exclusion (gays), and more inclusion, ministering to the poor, the sick, and those in need.  Sounds like a great Pope to me. My crush continues.


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