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Friday, October 25, 2013

Life's lessons...ouch

I am learning not to get in the way of someone else's life lesson.  Notice I said learning.  I have not mastered this, nor will I ever, but it's just another benefit of getting older.  You learn what's yours, and what belongs in someone else's bucket.

Wednesday, Senora Maria showed up after a five month vacay.  Not to get technical but she had called a week or so ago and said she would "be there on Monday".  Ten-four.  I copy.  By Tuesday, and no phone call to tell me when she would be coming, the ironing got handled.  Boom.  Done and done.  When she showed up, I told her "there is no's all done".  The look on her face was one of shock and a bit of 'tude..... until I reminded her she didn't call me and tell me when she WAS coming.  Oh, yeah.  That.

I'm learning that life is a really great teacher if I will stay out of the way.  People learn very quickly that their negative actions have consequences, IF they are allowed to suffer whatever those consequences truly are.  If it pinches or hurts, it's going to get their attention.  They may choose to get the lesson, they may not.  But they are a lot more likely to "get it", if they're allowed to feel really uncomfortable.  Unfortunately, it's how most of us learn best.                                                                             

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