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Monday, October 14, 2013


Rainy days like this make me want to cocoon.  And cook.  And read.  But mostly, just cocoon.  I like to either get on my bed or in a favorite chair, my favorite drink beside me (coffee or ice tea), a good book, my journal, and the TV remote.  Napping is a major player in cocooning, just so you know, so don't forget pillows if you are couch surfing.  If it's chilly out, I put on socks and go get my favorite throw and cuddle up.  If it's hot, the fan above will be gently whirring.  Sis will be in her dog bed either in where I am, or in her chair in the den.  She will occasionally "patrol" and come find me, hop up where I am or ask to be up on the bed with me.  If it's cold, well....I just can't say no to her being up on the bed because she gets cold....and she's old.

On cocoon days, I'm all about comfort food.  Pasta, soup, that sort of stuff unless it's hot outside.  Then I'm all about cool food.  Some people like soft music in the background but that messes with me. I'm all about quiet.  Softness.  Silence.  Ahhhh.....

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