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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


It's official.  It's Soup Season and I'm ready.  Not quite sure what I'm making today but you can be sure it will be soup.  Right now, soup just seems like exactly what I want.  Hot, vegetables, comfy....I'm just all over that idea today.  I'm sure I've been somewhat influenced by the Ruibal's seasonal delivery next door--corn stalks, hay bales, mums, and those gigantic pumpkins you could sit on.  They actually aren't for my neighbor's yard--she is doing a seasonal spiff up for a client-- and it just got me in the Fall mood.

I went out front in my robe with my coffee and we visited for a bit.  She was telling me how she thought she'd lost her mind.  In the last year she'd had a second child, bought the house next door and remodeled it, and run her landscape design business-- with more business than she'd ever had in the past.  She finally landed the size landscape design project she'd always coveted--an outdoor fireplace, terrace, kitchen.....yada, yada, yada.  Big $$$.  Only now she's so stressed, she realizes this is NOT what she wants.  She's come to the very real conclusion that she cannot have it all--at least not right now.  She can't be the kind of mom and wife she'd like to be, and run her business at this high level.  She remarked that she "felt so dumb thinking she could do it all".

 I told her I thought she was BRILLIANT!  She gave it a shot and got the perfect information she needed for herself.  When her kids are older, she can ramp things back up but for now, she's scaling back.  Her husband told her "you are the emotional thermostat around here and you are running really hot".  Hilarious.

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