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Saturday, October 12, 2013


Wow.  Not sure what exactly is going on in the world but dang....there is some kind of seismic energy shift going on that sure has people on edge.  And grumpy.  And angry.  And AFRAID.  Yep.  AFRAID.  Or, at least that's my diagnosis.

Whatever is bugging me or getting the major part of my energy and attention, always boils down to FEAR.  There's something I'm afraid of way down deep that often I may not even be in touch with.  Unless I get quiet and do a little "fishing around" inside, I'll tell myself I'm not the least bit afraid, that's all BS, blah, blah, blah.   Until I do the "feeling work", everything stays the same.

Anne Lamott says that when animals in the wild are chased by a predator (major fear) and manage to escape, they often physically shake afterwards.  They physically shake not from fear, but to shake off the fight or flight chemicals released by their body.  In order to "get back in the fullness of their animal selves", they have to literally shake it off.  (I'm betting this seal shook to pieces.)

For people, the suggestion is to go run hard, ride your bike really fast like little kids do, dance hard, work out, or shake with laughter--anything super physical.  But the idea is the same:  shake it off.  Work it off.  Just figure out what you are running (or shaking) from.  Makes perfect sense to me. 

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