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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Candy

Jeeeeeepers, I love Halloween.  It's like a free pass to eat candy.  You're supposed to do it.  It's the Halloween law and it's the ONLY time of year I let myself do it.  This morning I took the candy Pop Quiz  in Parade magazine.  It's a side view of seven different candy types and you had to guess what they are by looking at a cross section shot.  Seriously?  I aced it-- except for the one candy bar I'd never ever 1) even heard of and 2) didn't know existed.  What in the hell is a Charleston Chew?  In all my almost 60 years of candy eating, I've never come across that one.  I bet I'd try it, though.  It looked a lot like a Three Musketeer with whiter fluffy stuff.  

Friday night, I finally opened our big old honkin' bag o' calories from Sam's and did a half gainer right into it, followed within minutes, by my TV watching partner.

 Between the two of us, we are two happy little candy eating kids, minus the costume and hassle of going door to door.  Gee, it's great to be a grown up.

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