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Saturday, October 19, 2013

First Fall Fire

Cars are lining both sides of the street out front and helicopters are circling above our house.  Yep, it's the annual Komen Race and from the looks of things, it's well attended.  They'll be on their way soon so no biggie.  I remember one year some late comers were driving past our house, desperate for a parking place.  Cars were everywhere.  I happened to be up early, outside with Wigman, and I motioned to the lady driving to park in our driveway.  She was frantic and in a total lather.  She thought I was kidding and rolled down her window saying "But I'll block you in".  I told her she wouldn't since our driveway goes all the way from the front to the alley, so not to worry.  She roared into the drive way, out jumped four ladies, and they took off running, pink gear and all, yelling thank you as they went.  I love being able to do something like that when somebody is clearly in a pickle, and she was.

Since we had a cold front last night, someone around here got all frisky this morning and was up early.  He claims it was the helicopters that woke him up.  I say baloney.  Anytime the weather changes, Mr. Ants in His Pants gets all excited and can't sleep.  So, he putters, walking from room to room with his headphones on totally oblivious to how noisy he really is and finally, I throw in the towel and just get up.  Yes, it would be more fun to kill him but then I'd be up anyway, with a big mess to clean up and a body to dispose of.   So instead, I got coffee, asked how cold it was and decided to make a fire. was going to.  Seconds out of my mouth, Mr. Activity was out the back door for wood, piling it on, and boom fire time.   As we are both card carrying pyro's, I let this one go.  Seeing him get all excited is half the fun anyway.  (If Brian and Benji read this they will both know what I'm talking about and be howling.)  That's just how he rolls.

In order to take care of myself....yeah, the one with the fire idea in the first place....I went out to the garage and got a big old chunk of pinon wood and tossed it right on top where the flames were roaring.  My gift to the entire block.  The smell of pinon.  Ahhhh.   Lovely. 


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