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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

To sofa or not to sofa

By days end yesterday, I was ready to scream and pull my hair right straight off my head.  I had been working with someone to do some refurb work around casa Harris and we hit a wall.  In other words, I had 1) started early (Sept.) 2) knew my focus 3) did what I knew to do to get my needs met.  Only that is clearly not what the universe had planned for me.  Nope...not at all.

The first fabric I chose has been discontinued and, no, they didn't have enough to do my two chairs.  No special orders.  Nada.  Back to the drawing board.  Tick...tick...tick.  More time slips away while we look for other fabrics.  The second fabric I chose I actually liked even more--yay--and, it's on back order for 2-3 weeks meaning there's no way my chairs can have surgery and be recovered before Christmas.  Quit laughing.....I realize this is a really high class problem but it still has me wrapped around my own axle.  When I'm ready for a change, I'm just..... READY!!!  (Welcome to my inner toddler.)

After two attempts, I have slowed my roll.  Maybe I just need to chill on these chairs and not try to force a solution, picking yet another fabric that's not going to be what I really need and want.  Whoa.  Sort of a grown up notion.  In the past, I would have redoubled my energy and efforts and just pushed harder.  On a bad day, I'm still capable of that.  I am.  I admit it.  Instead, I'm just going to relax and give time, time.   Today I know when it ain't workin', it just ain't workin'.

Now, for the sofa.  Yeah, that.  The one I have is fine, just old, honking big, perfect for a man cave, and needs to find a home elsewhere.  A new one is possible, the fabric required is on hold BUT, crapola.  That's not what I had planned.  Yep.  There's just no pleasing me right now. I think I'll go find my Eight ball and ask it what to do.  If nothing else, it will sure make me laugh. 

***My Eight ball said "Without a doubt".  hahaha

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