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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This and That

Lots going on today including bidding an old appliance adios.  Our dishwasher recently began to smell like a three pack a day smoker and since she's served us well, it was time for her retirement.  Today our new one arrives and after chatting with a pal (Jodi) and based on what I already knew about Bosch dishwashers, that's what I got.  I did not opt for the one with the three levels--the top one being for large spoons, pancake flippers, etc.  Why?  Because I could not see the damn thing unless I bent over completely and knew if I put things up there, I'd never find them again.  Ever.  The chief concurred with me and we both decided that was a tad fancy for our needs. If we can't see something, it's not going to get used. 

One of my favorite little people got hurt over the weekend.  Avery, the youngest of the smalls, bit into a glow stick, and the goopy stuff inside burned her mouth.  Why do you bite into a glow stick?  I dunno.  Maybe because you can, but the result is, she had to drink loads of water and will have to wait for the chemical burns to heal up.  They were not bad--just uncomfortable.  Check her out in her Halloween costume.             
Which brings me nicely to Halloween costumes.  When you are little, there are only two categories:  Beautiful or Badass.  Either sex can do either one, but that's about it if you plan to make a statement.  As you get older, the world of categories opens up:  most politically incorrect, funniest, sexy/hunky, most clever, cheapest, tackiest, and scariest, but most people don't do the scary anymore.  It's simply too expected and real life is scarier than any costume I've ever seen except for maybe Universal Studios, so why bother.  Plus, you have to use all that nasty fake blood and make up.  That just triggers my ick reflex.

I'll try to get pics of Hadley in hers and Hudson in his Ninja one, unless he's changed his mind. fun!!!  They are exactly what the craziness of this world needs. 

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