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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I don't know about yours but my weekend was really low key and fun.  Saturday we went to grab lunch in Snider Plaza because we needed a first birthday gift for later that day and Learning Express is right there.  Boom.  Done.  As we were standing in line for lunch, I felt a slight tug on my shirt and turned around.  No one was there until I looked down.  And there he was.  My love bird extraordinaire, Hudson, with his mom, coming to pick up their lunch.

I asked him how he knew it was me (from the back) and he said he recognized Bruce, and then saw me.  To say that I swooped on him is an understatement.  I tried to reign it in a little but sometimes when I see him, I just go all cuckoo.  Luckily, not many people were in Short Stop so I could just let it all rip.  That boy is just the best. 

Here's what he sent me from his mom's cell. Once I saw it, I had to have the Duck Dynasty Beard Booth app so I could beard everyone I know.  It took a little doing but he helped me load it, and the bearding began.

Next we were off next door for baby John's birthday party.  As we arrived, he had just finished his smash cake and was literally covered in yellow cake and chocolate frosting.  We couldn't even kiss him-- but sure could have licked him.  Kids were everywhere and the jumping house was getting a work out.  We finally found Claire inside with her housekeeper.  I think the chaos had worn her out.  She's always a great sport.  She just looked like she was ready for everyone to go home.

 Finally, for my last bearding:  Uncle Si.

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