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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Crostini a la Harris

Mary just came by to drop off some tomatoes she'd received from a friend.  They gave her 6 and for a one person home, that was lots more tomatoes than Mary can use in a week.  Two might be heirloom ones as they are ugly and weird looking and that's the only criteria I know of for heirlooms other than great flavor.  We'll see tonight because here's part of din-din at our casa tonight.

I only do this with summer's great tasting tomatoes.  None of that store bought junk with no smell and no flavor.  I slice each tomato all the way though into whatever width slices you like.  Chill them first and slice right before you want to serve them.  Raid the tail end of your basil plants and grab enough large leaves for each tomato slice to be almost covered by a basil leaf.  Once your tomatoes are sliced, put them on a platter, and lightly sprinkle them with garlic salt and then fresh cracked black pepper.  Ya drooling yet?  Next fan the slices and slip a basil leaf a top each slice.  Crumble good goat cheese over all of this.  Use the good kind that sticks to your fingers because 1) it tastes better and is not dry  2) you get to lick your fingers before washing them off.

While you toast slices of Eatzi's sourdough bread, drizzle the tomatoes with good olive oil and splash liberally with balsamic vinegar.  Pile the tomatoes on a slice of bread and get ready for a feast from heaven.  Goat cheese and tomato crostini.  Deelish. 

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