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Thursday, October 31, 2013


While having coffee this morning, I heard Claire's voice outside and looked out to see what was going on.  She was dressed in her Halloween costume greeting her housekeeper with her mom and baby John.  Get a load of Miss Kitty Kat.  Please note the accessorizing:  pink sparkle shoes, matching sparkle purse, and pink doo-dads in her hair.  I nearly dropped my phone.  Here is the back.
She was on her way to ballet class and since it's Halloween, everyone was told they could wear their costumes.  Hers actually has a kitty head piece with ears but she doesn't like it --it's probably hot as blazes on her head-- so her mom simply drew on whiskers, with eyeliner.  Baby John was not in costume since he wasn't going to ballet but word on the street is, he is going to be a dragon, so I'll see him tonight with his posse. 

Sis shot out the front door with me and when she saw Claire, high-tailed it around the side of the house and headed for the alley.  Tonight will be her least favorite night of the year.  The ringing door bell makes her bark and get excited, but then it's like opening the front door to find Hell on your own front porch.  Since she is terrified of kids, it's just repeated trips to Hell for her.  She feels sort of safe if one of us is with her, but it's still her worst nightmare and I know it is for other animals, too. All that squawking and squealing and she needs a Valium.

More later.  To be continued.

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