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Friday, November 18, 2011

BON...get it together

This morning I tried yet again to renew my Nursing license with the BON(Board of Nursing) online, post finger printing, to no avail.  The FP lady told me to give it 3 to 5 days after she electronically transmitted my FP's, which she did last Friday while I watched her.  Swell.  Just another state bureau that isn't quite working up to snuff, as my mom would say.  I'll try again on Monday.

Since I know I'm going to get all busy next week, while it's calm, I wanted to post my list of things I am grateful for.  It's a good exercise for me and usually brings up things I've forgotten about from the deep dark recesses of my brain.
1.  God because he takes such incredible care of me even when I get in his way
2.  For the workers at the Edge that take care of mom--I could NOT do their job
3.  For animals--any of them--because they make me laugh, bring me joy, and let me do dumb stuff to them like bathe them in the kitchen sink, blow them dry, clean their eras, and still love me afterwards
4.  For giving myself permission to be me--not who other people think I should be--it's not always easy but it's worth it on so many levels.
5.  For my children  because they bring me such total joy and make me laugh like nobody else can
6.  Fred -- the list is endless
7.  For following my intuition regularly and listening to it vs. blowing it off
8.  For a new DIL (Andrea) that is beyond anything I could have hoped for
9.  For three smalls that let me be a part of their world and provide me with entertainment par excellence--dead squirrel in the bed, dancing to Put a Ring on It, knowing and singing all the words to Adele's Rolling in the Deep, snort like a pig just because they can, and general things they say and do
10.  For readers of this blog--you all make this fun for me--nobody else would read this but I'm grateful somebody does.

Happy Friday to All and we'll talk about surviving relatives for TG, next week.

  Send your suggestions via my email ( and I'll compile the list and post next week.  The email idea is to CYA--(cover yo' a**) so you can really say what you want.  I won't ever out you.  The more creative the better and, Massanelli, that means for you to make us all howl with laughter. (You are from Arkansas, so you already have a huge advantage.)

  If you have stories about a relative(s) that drives you nuts, send it, and just don't use the person's name.  This is supposed to be a fun, stress reliever for everyone.  A chance to peek into other people's families.....laugh your a** off, and then be glad for the nuts on your family tree.  :)

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