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Sunday, November 20, 2011

I love going to the Farm.  You just never know what you're going to find these days.  If it's not a snake on the back porch, it's likely to be just about anything, which brings us to Friday night.  A certain someone would not stop to let me investigate a ginormous smoker in the parking lot of the Church of Christ on Willow, where we turn.  It was belching smoke and a man was standing there in the flood lit parking lot keeping that smoker company.  I have never seen a smoker like this but on we went.  Cut to Saturday and our post King's, lunch cruise around town.  I begged to run by and finally, Fred relented.  Up we drove and shyly asked what was going on.  It turns out that every year the church does a Fund Raiser and smokes brisket, pork butt's, and pork roasts, and sells them to anybody who wants one.   The man mentioned he still had some pork left but that the briskets were all gone.  I look at Fred.  Fred knew he was in deep, deep doo-doo.

Anyway, out we hopped out to find out the scoopage on the smoker pictured here and here's what I know:  This thing is older than I am and was made by some German guy.  It lives in Krum, and rents out, but you better not be going far because the tires on this thing are the originals and look like they are about to blow.  The man said they are 23 ply--whatever the hell that means.  The inside has rotating shelves that circle around and will hold 100 briskets or a combo of meats there of.  It takes 2 cords of wood to cook everything to perfection, and  its an old water tank from WWII.  I swear I'm not making this up.

This thing is so huge, I could have stood up inside it and not touched the ceiling.  The rotating shelves inside used to go in reverse until some guy "worked on it", and goobered up that part.  I would need to stand on a ladder to load this thing and the rub they use on everything is the same one some brisket cooking champion gave them the recipe for, after he quit competing. Note the double doors.  Somebody really knew what they were doing.  And the smell still wafting out from the inside made your mouth water.

Here's the pulled pork from the last pork butt he had, and note the bone in the background.  Boy, how I wished for my latex gloves pulling this stuff.  Yes, you can shred it with forks, but you can't get all the fat out that way and the fat grosses me out.  Yish.

This is who got to have the bone, even though I knew we might pay a high price for letting her have such a num-num bone.  We did. And she did, too. 

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