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Monday, November 21, 2011

I don't think I've told you all about one of my bosses at Medical City, way back when, who was almost my age, and Canadian.  Her name was Kathy and she had a hilarious sense of humor.  It was just sometimes hard to tell if she was kidding or serious.  One day she called me into her office and said "Do I look weird to you?"  OK...that's a pretty loaded question.  You know the right answer is "No", but if you're bad like me, you scrunch up your face raising an eyebrow, cock your head, and try not to laugh.  No sooner had she asked, than she yelled out "I look like Marge freaking upper lips is all swollen and my lip is jutting out!!"  And OMG...she did.  We both collapsed in her office wheezing with laughter and decided all she needed was blue hair.  Apparently she had eaten something at lunch or touched something she was allergic to and then touched her face.  The more I tried not to laugh, the worse it got.  (I finally had to go into my office and shut the door but she called me on the phone to tell me she could still hear me.)

This is the same gal who told me she hated Thanksgiving because she didn't like turkey.  I told her because she was living and working in this country, she owed it to America to celebrate Thanksgiving, and that any good Canadian would at least try this custom. So, she did.  She and her family had lobster.  Man, I still miss her.

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