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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Today has turned into yet another interesting day.  It's almost my bedtime and I have: been to a family business board meeting, started and run an IV on my sister who is sick, made my dressing and vegetables, took mom her supplies, and was about to brine my turkey when disaster struck.  My brine-ing cooler was AWOL.  The rest I can handle, but my special cooler gone???  No can do.

Interestingly, neither of my sons admit to "lifting" it so regardless, despite attempts to improvise, I just had to have a soft sided cooler so I was able to fast talk Fred into getting me one from Sam's. turkey is now swimming in Alton Brown's brine from the Food Network.  It needs to be made ahead and refrigerated so it's icy cold, then gets mixed together with a gallon of cold water and ice.  You brine for an hour per pound of your turkey, and then cook with some of Alton's other "aromatics" stuffed up your bad boy.  It makes for a killer juicy turkey and it's just fun to do, so there ya have it.

Mary brought over some home made rolls this morning for me to let rise and then have for dinner tonight and she may be 82, but, honey, she has not lost her touch with flour and yeast.  Far from it.  They were small little ditties but Fred and I snarfed every single one, and thank heaven there weren't more or we'd have polished off those, too.

Nighty, night to all.  I am whooped.  That's a combo of whupped and pooped.

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