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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fatty Fatty 2x4...

Wow.  I just read the article about the man flying on United who had to stand for seven hours due to the over sized man sitting next to him.  The obese man required both armrests to be raised to fit into his seat, and then dunlopped over into half of the other man's seat, to the point that the man with half a seat was unable to fasten his own seat belt.  The man approached the flight attendants and told them of the problem, but was told the flight was full and there was nothing they could do.

Whoa....I said Whoa.  If that happens to me, that plane is NOT leaving the gate without something being done.  I am entitled to sit in the seat I purchased and so is the obese man.  He is not, however, entitled to spill over into my seat, and if he does, he needs to be pulled off the plane, as HE is the problem.  If he requires a seat and a half, the airline needs to require him to purchase just that--actually that would be two seats--but whatever.  If two seats are not available guess who has to get off and catch the next flight?  Yep, he does.

Let's get real here.  If he was that large, he should have been pulled aside at the gate before boarding, and given the information that he would not be allowed to board as he had only purchased one ticket and actually required two.  Everyone is so afraid of offending people who are overweight.  For whatever reason someone is overweight, it's still their problem, and as such, should be treated that way.  And none of this seat belt extender stuff either.  If you can't fit yours around you, then you have to buy two seats, and use those belts.  Everybody will be more comfortable and probably safer, too.

I am not in favor of offending anyone--overweight or thin--and I think it's high time normal sized people spoke up and demanded to be treated fairly.  Can't you just imagine the next Airline lawsuit that will be filed?  It will be for being discriminated against for being normal sized. 

C'mon, Airlines...grow a pair and either protect normal sized people or make larger seats.

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