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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A new Security idea?

Yesterday when I made a brief stop at North Park, I was surprised to see two Policemen riding two huge horses throughout the parking lot.  These horses almost seemed like draft horses, only a little bit slimmer.  They definitely got people's attention and one African American guy could not take his eyes off of them.  A car finally had to honk him back to earth.

It's got to be tough on a horse to run full throttle on an asphalt surface, if the need should arise.  Even with shoes on, that's going to be one slippery surface and maybe that's really not the plan anyway.  The plan is just to make you think twice about stealing, or robbing some old lady in her fur coat, like what happened last year.  They have those Police surveillance towers but unless you put a sniper up there--which seems a little anti-Christmas--wonder what they could do instead, that would be cost effective and a crime deterrent?

We have to allow for cars zooming in and out of the parking lot, and fractious, stressed out drivers, so what about electric powered Segways??  There could be tons of them and worst case, if you don't stop running, they run over you.  All of them.  Now, if the perp(s) is armed, and most will be, we're back to the same old problem.  Maybe the answer is robots on Segways.  Now that would be something to see.

And here's one for da 'hood. 

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