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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


If you missed it last night on the news, Queen Elizabeth has underlined (probably in red) the Royal order of curtsying and who curtsies to whom, and under what circumstances, and sent it out to all family members.  Everybody curtsies to the Queen, period.  Having heard the whole thing I just have to ask, what the hell....??  It sounds to me like a royal pain to try to keep it all straight.  It's all based on who has Royal blood, and who outranks whom, and even who you are with and/or married to.

Example: if Kate runs into Camilla, she must curtsy because Camilla out ranks her, since Camilla is married to the Prince of Wales--whether or not Charles is present.  If Kate runs into Fergie's daughter's, ditto--they are blood princesses--but NOT if she's with William, since he outranks them as heir, to the heir, of the throne.  Got all that?

The bottom line is, there's likely to be a lot of bobbing going on, and other than appealing to Royal egos, how important is it?  Something must have flown up somebody's royal tailpipe to get all this going.  As long as the Queen is curtsied to, I say get over it.  And I'd love to know who in the world brought this up to the Queen in the first place, other than some royal whose ego wasn't being stroked enough.  Sounds awwwwfully petty to me.  Blimey.

Would you want to curtsy to these two??  I'm afraid I'd laugh.  Yeah...for sure I would.

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