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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Poor Sis...back to dog jail

This afternoon after lunch we drove by the offices of Heritage Auctions where they are having the free appraisals this weekend.  Sort of a local version of Antiques Roadshow.  People were literally sporching out the front door of the building, since the entire Lobby area was already full.  That meant the first floor Auction room where the appraisers are, was already packed.   I had thought I might take a thing or two of mine to ask a few questions, but when I saw that crowd, I asked Fred to hit the gas.  I wouldn't stand outside waiting to get in there with a deer rifle at my back.  You could just go right ahead and shoot me.

I'm sad to report the ducks seem to have hit the trail to some where cooler and more hospitable.  I know they survived the hail, so they may not be too far away.  But, I do miss seeing them.  The bunnies at Mary's are gone, too, so we seem to be without much local color. 

And speaking of color, in anticipation of a call from our roofer next week, we loaded the program from their website, and have been trying on shingle colors.  As usually happens, we each narrowed it down to two colors and both of us chose the same two.  Then, we both agreed on the final one.  We are weird like that.  We never even tell the other one-- and usually pick the exact same things.

  Since Mary is using the same roofer if her adjuster agrees she needs a new one, we've loaded a picture of her house, so she can pick hers.  For her to try to load and navigate it herself on her computer would not be feasible.  We'll offer to walk Fred's laptop over if she wants, and let her play, but we've secretly picked one we like for her, if she wants our opinion.  She may want her son to come pick one but knowing him, he'll say "Go with whatever the Harris's tell you, Mom", since he's a busy guy with three kids, and doesn't much care what goes on her roof as long as it's not hot pink.  Again, we both picked the same one and it's the same one we chose for ours.  If Mary likes something else, heaven knows she can have what ever floats her boat.  Ten bucks says she'll say "Show me", and then will say "Fine". 

Little does she know, but tonight it's going to be Tough Love for the Sister girl.  It seems she has become a roamer, a whiner, and a bed beggar, and just a total nighttime pest, because someone ruined the good thing we had going.  That certain someone allowed her up with him, and under the covers, and after that, the cow was out of the barn.  There's no way to shove that cow back in, so a certain girl is being exiled back to her bed in the den, for just being herself.  Frankly, the person who should be sleeping in the den, for ever letting her up with him, knows who he is.  I may have mentioned it to him one or twice today.... 

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