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Thursday, June 28, 2012

First Nora, now Ann

Well, no wonder I woke up tired after not sleeping well.  I watched the Olympic trials last night--specifically the swimming--and I think I swam every race.  With all those marvelous underwater cameras, I could keep my eye on all the competition, and I swam my heart out--or at least that's how I feel this morning.  Honestly, I finally had to turn it off because it was just too nerve racking. Watching Michael Phelps and Brian Lochte was a nail biter.  I can only imagine how I'll be when the Olympics actually start.  I may need sedatives to watch by then.

If yesterday's news wasn't bad enough losing Nora Ephron, Today's much anticipated stepping down of Ann Curry makes me even sadder.  While she may be soft voiced, she is a lady, a crack journalist, and I'm sick to see them cast her aside, even though she's been given some consolation prize post.  I get it.  Bid'ness is bid'ness and ratings are ratings, but I will sure miss her.  Change.  I don't like this one.

At least now Ann can sleep late, like Sis.  I can't blast that old girl out of bed this morning.  She's in her bed under her fluffies, snoozing away, despite my going back and forth for coffee.  Only the tip of her black nose is poking out, but if she hears me start fixing something for breakfast, she'll come on out.  Otherwise, she's probably under there until lunchtime.  What a life.  She can't get fired no matter what she does.

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