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Friday, June 22, 2012

"I Won"

As of this morning, we are a slam dunk for a new roof.  No pun intended.  I guess that means we'll be playing again with that neat computer program where you download a current picture of your house, and then you get to try on roof shingle colors.  Sort of like playing dress up with your house.  It sure beats the old way of trying to eyeball it yourself and then finding out the shingle you thought was a certain color, wasn't when it was on your roof.  Beeeeeen there.

Not sure when all this fun starts but I sure would hate to be a roofer in this heat.  Too bad this didn't happen earlier when it was breezy and cooler.  Unfortunately for them, our huge front trees shade more of the yard than the house or they'd be lots cooler, that's for sure.

After lunch, I made a run over to see the three little pigs.  Hadley saw me and opened the door.  Avery was right behind her in a pink fairy costume with a tulle skirt and silver wings, and a loaded diaper, if you get my drift.  Oh, Lordy.....  What  mixed message that was.  A pretty fairy and a poop diaper.

  Hadley took off immediately to go put on her Snow White costume, while Hudson gave me a kiss and a hug, and then asked his mom if he could go skinny dip.  Clothes on, clothes off.  Then the girls wanted to skinny dip, too, so off went their costumes, and in they went.  Luckily for everyone, I kept my clothes on.  They frisked, they splashed, they put the hose in the pool, they used a green raft as a slide.  Avery yelled "Watch me" and we did, and then yelled "I Won", throwing her arms straight up like victory was hers, and it was.  We never questioned what it was she "won".  She knew, and we didn't need to. 

All in all, a lovely afternoon, and now I'm headed over shortly for coffee and gab, with two pals.  And did I mention it's Friday??  Yippeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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