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Friday, June 29, 2012

Yay, Friday

This morning I am so sad.  I just learned that two of my friends (they are Sisters-in-laws, but not mine) lost their nephew and grandson, collectively, to the disease of alcoholism.  I don't know the circumstances nor do I need to know, but I am crushed for them both.  For anyone who doesn't know alcoholism is a disease, it is.  It's not some moral or behavioral failing--it's a DISEASE--and people who have it can, and will, die of it if they don't get into recovery.  Enough said.  Most of us have a trail of it in our backgrounds--I sure as heck do-- and it's a heart breaker of a disease.  My prayers and thoughts go out to both of my pals.

On a happier note, Fred reported the other night that at least one of Mary's bunnies is still hanging around over at her house, as it ran past in her yard, when he was letting old Sis out before bed.  Good to know since I saw one flattened bunny up against the curb on NW Highway the other afternoon.  Guess that one gambled and lost, trying to cross all six lanes of traffic.  Ick. Dead bunny.  Not good.

Now on to the Fourth.  Whatcha got planned?  Are you cooking out, making ice cream, or just hanging inside in the cool, and picking up food?  Me?  I haven't decided.  Fred usually makes his killer Mexican Chocolate ice cream but since we are trying to be good, maybe it's a better idea to blow it gently, and just go get some frozen yogurt, eat it, and be done with it.  If you have a big thing of homemade ice cream in the freezer, it's gonna call to you, and then you are going to have to either eat it, or try to fight the feeling, and I'd rather just have a little yogurt, and call it good.  Nothing in the freezer trying to get me to do something I'll regret.  Freezers are like that.....they turn on you after awhile. 

Happy Weekend to all!!

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