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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Random thoughts

I had three little post swimming lesson visitors on Thursday.  Adorable as always, Hudson wanted to play on the computer, Avery wanted to sit with him in the big black office chair, and Hadley....well, let's just say her day was not going her way.  I'm not sure if she didn't feel well or was just being a grump, but either way, she was not a happy camper.  I figure at almost 10:30 AM, and three kids, if two out of three are happy, you're doing great.  And speaking of swimmers, here's one of a certain someone, sans suit, but cute as ever.  I think the goggles definitely add that certain something, don't you??

This may be one of my more random posts simply because I have several things to say and no way to link them all together, so here goes.  If you haven't read Steve Blow's article in the DMN, read it.  Thank you, Steve, for being the voice of reason in an otherwise insane squabble.  For all the Chicken Little's out there who think the healthcare sky is falling, read his piece, and take a deep breath and r-e-l-a-x.  What looks like a disaster often turns into an opportunity--for the better.  Try to keep an open mind (even if it gives you a headache.)  Contempt prior to investigation, instead of giving something a chance to work,  is nothing more than arrogant ignorance--kind of like hating chocolate because it's brown.  You don't know what might work--you just know what you think you don't want.  There.  I said it. If you weren't pissed off before, you probably are now, but seriously..... let's all play nice together, and work together, for the best possible outcome for everyone.

Now on to stuff that gives me the creeps:
1) pictures in ads of ice cream--it's really mashed potatoes and that just ruins it for me
2) pictures of guys modeling underwear--especially the grabber kind--the looks on their faces just doesn't fit the pic--like they don't realize they're in underwear
3) pictures of supposedly grilled chicken that's gross white, doesn't look cooked, and has fake grill marks
4) guys who shoot squirrels in their front yard, and then let their dog carry the dead squirrel to the trash



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