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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh, Had...

Never mind what all else is going on, I'm so ready for the Olympics.  I'm ready for all the coverage of my favorite country in the world, and all the guy swimmers 'cause they all have some rockin' bods, and that's never a bad thing.  I love all the Equestrian stuff but they seldom show it at a time when I usually watch since I guess it's not a big TV watchers crowd favorite. The other sports are OK.  I just like all the people watching probably more and the behind the scenes stories about all the athletes.  Those always get my attention.

I am holding out a positive thought and prayer that all goes off smashingly well, with no political or "other" upsets.  We all need a chance to root for our country, enjoy seeing our competitors compete at the things they do best, and salute them for all their effort.  I cannot imagine all they've given up in order to be where they are.  I'd be way too lazy to do what they've done.  Sad but true.  Just sayin'.

On another topic, my sweet Hadley girl knocked out her two front teeth last night.  She had already almost knocked them out a few weeks back but last night she slipped, and that was the end of them.  Poor baby.  I may need to hit the toy store this afternoon 'cause well, that's just what you need when something bad happens.  You need some sparklies, some girly stuff.  Anything to take your mind off your mouth.  Yep.  Maybe I need to go NOW.  :))

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