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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Congruence.  It's my new favorite word.  It means: agreement, harmony, etc.  I realized this morning, I like it in almost everything but it's most important to me when I'm observing other people.  If it's there, I'm comfortable.  If it's missing, I'm on high alert.

When other people's words and actions don't match, they're sending me a signal that something's off, not quite right, funky.  With that knowledge on board, I'm careful, watchful, observant.  Once is a fluke, twice is a coincidence, three times is a pattern.  When I see a pattern of incongruence in someone's behavior, it's like an internal alarm system goes off--Trouble Ahead.  Make a Bat turn in your Batmobile, don't go there, run for the hills and keep on going. 

Today I'm so glad to have this knowledge on board.  It keeps me away from prickly situations and even worse, big trouble, unless I override my warning system telling myself "Oh, it's OK...that's not what I think it is"Oh, hell yes it is.  I need to pay attention, and listen and learn.  Otherwise, I'll keep making the same mistake over and over again, missing the lesson.  Congruence: someone's words and actions match.

Now we have to talk about food for a minute, 'cause I want to.  The green beans and baby new potatoes from the Farmers Market were delish mainly because I cooked them anti Dr. Oz.  I ran by Tom Thumb and got salt pork, sliced up a third of an onion, put some water in a pan and let that all simmer together till it all made friends in the pot.  Then I threw in my green beans and new 'taters, and let them simmer for about 10 minutes before cutting off the heat, and letting it all just visit together.  I added some salt and pepper, stirred, tasted, added a tad more and let it all rest.  My salt pork came sliced like mini slices of bacon vs a chunk which was nice, and it wasn't overly salty, for once.  Lord, love me, it was so good I could taste Canton, Texas in every bite.  I caught Fred stabbing all the baby new 'taters (when he thought I wasn't looking,) but that's nothing new.  He was the one that wanted them when we were down there, so I guess that gives him potato snagging rights.

The roofers just arrived and I'm out of here for a little bit shortly.  I'll leave Sis in charge.  They sound like they are Sumo wrestling up there pulling off all the old shingles.

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  1. That is the ONLY way to cook those Kentucky Wonders and taters!