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Sunday, July 15, 2012

I am peachless

This morning I was thinking how difficult it is to keep my heart and my brain in balance.  If either one gets out of kilter, I'm likely to be in trouble.  The problem is, my brain will lie to me.  It will tell me someone is doing something to me, and then I'll judge them and their action.  Whatever they're doing is usually not good or bad--it's my judging it that makes it so.  Hence, my reaction to them or the situation, is the problem.

My heart is just as dicey.  If I've let my brain run wild, my heart gets shut off.  Zero kindness, humility, or compassion.  If I let my heart run wild and don't use my brain for it's intended purpose, which is to discern instead of judge, I'm likely to get manipulated, controlled, or otherwise equally screwed.  Balancing both is the key, and that's no easy task.  It takes a lot of personal effort on my part and time spent visiting with my Maker, for both my brain and my heart to work in tandem, as they were created to do.  Yes, this a no, duh statement, but just try doing it.  It's a lot harder than it sounds.  Talks easy, works hard.

Lastly, on a much lighter topic, in the event you're headed down to the Farmer's Market, slow your roll, baby.  There ain't nary a peach down there to be had, but both Mr. Lemley and Betty's will have more tomorrow.  I got that straight from Mr. Lemley's mouth.  Some days are just like that.  Peachless.

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