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Saturday, July 28, 2012's yours?

Intuition.  Everybody has it, not everybody pays attention to theirs.  Do you?  Or, do you poo-poo it?  I do, and it's seldom been wrong, and when something didn't happen that I thought would, it may have been that the timing I had was wrong, and it happened later.  Or sometimes, not at all.

When I say intuition, I'm talking about that sense of knowing something you don't know how you know, but you just know.  You may have heard that women have stronger intuition than men but I'm not sure about that.  I think women may just tune into theirs more or guys may argue with theirs.  Not sure.

Has yours ever told you not to do something?  Mine has.  Big time.  When I was pregnant with Benji, I had planned to try a VBAC--vaginal birth after a Cesarean.  My doctor was totally on board.  Then about four weeks before my due date, I started getting an overwhelming feeling NOT to do it.  The feeling was right in the back of my head and it just kept saying "don't do it".  No reason.  Nothing.  But boy, was it ever strong.  I finally decided to just go with the feeling.  My doctor was shocked, asked me why, and I told him "Something inside is telling me NOT to do this" and he said "Well, then we aren't".  He said when women tell him they know things, he believes them, so we set the date for my C-section.

Right after my doctor delivered Benji, he leaned over the screen and told me "I sure am glad you changed your mind about a VBAC.  Your old C-section scar on your uterus was already pulling apart and you probably would have ruptured."  That means he'd have had one HELL of a time saving both of us, as I would have been hemorrhaging, and Benji wouldn't have been getting any blood to his vital organs, either.  Let's just say it would have been a pretty fancy miracle if we'd both survived, and I'd have had a hysterectomy on the table to save my life.  When I was in Recovery post surgery, we laughed about how much he appreciated me not shooting his blood pressure through the roof, by listening to my gut.  You betcha. And that's not the first time I've known stuff like that, either.

Now I love to pay attention to my intuition to see how often it's accurate.  I consciously pay attention and if tells me NOT to do something, you can bet your bippie I'm not gonna.  Paying attention to mine probably saved two lives.  That's good enough for me.

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