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Thursday, July 12, 2012

She ain't purdy but she sure tastes good

I think I have officially lost my mind.  This afternoon I got a wild hair to make a peach pie, never mind I've NEVER made one before.  I wanted to use the pie plate that Andrea and Benji gave me for Christmas so after looking at both Whole Foods and Central Market for good peaches, I finally decided nothing was going to work except a trip down to the Farmers Market.  And now, as long as I was going, I might as well get some tomatoes from the Lemley's, too.  It was just the right thing to do.

Now, on to the peaches.  The one I tasted was wonderful, so I got a basket of 6, and then six tomatoes.  The pie ended up being a bit free form.  I needed a double crust and only had made a single one figuring I'd just do it topless--the pie, not me.  But I finally decided that wasn't going to work, so I used the pie crust I'd made on the bottom, and here's where the story really goes off road.  I remembered I had a frozen pie crust from Tom Thumb--the kind already in the tin-- so out it came, and on top it went.  Yeah, seriously, I did.  I thawed it, and tried to get it to fit.  I rolled it, pulled it, pinched it, and finally I gave up.  I figured the pie was covered with the dough, and I'd cut slits, so where's the problem?  Just cook the damn thing.

Once we'd eaten dinner, I showed Fred my pseudo homemade fresh peach pie and told him what I'd done.  Armed with a knife and a still warm pie, we decided to just give it a shot and see if it was even edible. ( The thought of throwing all those hand peeled peaches in the trash just made me ill to think about it.)  So, I plunged in the knife and we each cut a piece. was the bomb.  It was w-a-y better than edible and I even caught a certain someone about to lick his plate.  A little while ago I went into the kitchen and found someone had been performing surgery on the pie, again.  He tried to tell me it wasn't him, as he was licking the cinnamon, vanilla, peach juice off his lips.  His whole self smelled like PEACH PIE.

I just hope there's some left tomorrow.   I'm eating a big old piece for breakfast, I don't care what anybody says.  With a big old cup of fresh, hot coffee.  It may look ugly, but now looks ain't everything, are the?



  1. Love this. Wish i were there with y'all.