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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Naw..naw...naw...not again

I just suffered another Farmers Market flame out.  If you are going for anything other than peaches, you're good.  If not, hold back.  Not only did Mr. Lemley not deliver any on Monday, but they don't plan to have any for a few days.  I didn't even ask at Betty's but they didn't have any either.  I'm thinking the trees can only do their thing so fast, never mind it's not fast enough for Dallas County.  When they do have some, I hate to think of the pandemonium it will cause over a bunch of peaches.  Think Filene's basement in New York, and the Annual Running of the Bride's for marked down dresses, only this will be for peaches.  
 Now because I can't have any good peaches, I want them even more. I think I have the peach flu.

Mary, our next door neighbor called this morning to offer both me and Sis, a port in the storm from all the hammering, in the event we were going nuts.  She said to come on over and bring my book or whatever, and she wouldn't pester me.  I thought that last part was hilarious.  She said "I won't even talk to you if you don't want me to".  I told her so far, so good, especially considering the roofers have been temporarily pulled somewhere else and will be back later.  They are alllll most done, so no biggie.  I can easily deal with this peace and quiet.  If it does really ramp up this afternoon, Sis and I may just go visit. 

Last night, as I was watching TV, the cable started fading and then went kaput.  I went outside to look, and one of the older Hispanic gentlemen had removed our doodad so they could do the roof underneath.  I figured that was the deal but just thought I'd check.  I left the TV on so I'd know when he reattached the cable, and a little while later on it popped, followed by the doorbell ringing.  There stood the same sweet little man,  making sure it was all OK, and that I knew it was back on.  He's here today, too.  He's my favorite.

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