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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The search is over

I've been on a mission for the last few days to find something-- with dismal results-- but today, Eureka!  I found it after lunch at an out of the way Albertson's.  I called one closer to us and they said they didn't have it, but the gal behind the fish counter at this one found the last bottle of McCormick's Lemon Dill Butter sauce, and I was beyond thrilled.  I carried it  above my head all the way to the check out, like the Olympic torch.  I do stuff like that when I'm especially excited and let me just say it felt like the damn torch, by the time I found it.  Fred always follows several paces behind me when I do stuff like that so he can pretend he doesn't know me.  Fine.  Works for me.  And he doesn't have to eat any of the salmon I fixing with the sauce either.  Ha.  Take that.  :)

I found another recipe on a blog I read and nothing would do but I just had to give it a try.  The one hiccup has been that damn sauce.  Yes, I could make my own but then that's not like the recipe.  Stay tuned as I plan to try it this week and I'll let you know if it was worth the search.  I'm thinking it can't help but be good on fresh, wild Atlantic salmon. Cooked on the grill.  With thin slices of lemon on top.  See??  Unless the sauce is nasty--which I will pretest-- it's gotta be good.  It's practically ordained.

Now I have to tell you about my DIL, Andrea.  You already know I adore her to pieces and what you may not know is that she's undertaken the job of painting their whole apartment--by herself!  With Benji gone a lot, she's gone from room to room, like a painting machine.  I got a text picture from her of two bathrooms and she's done a phenomenal job.  The problem is, now I'm getting the itch and once I start, I have to keep going or it's going to look terrible.  I have pitched the idea to my significant other that since we're not going anywhere on vacation, why don't we hire a painter, and somehow he just did not see the merit in that at all.  (Didja notice how fast I transitioned from me painting, to a painter?  Yeah, so did he.)  

I think I'll call the painter anyway, just to get a bid. 

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