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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sis goes to Petco

We are just back from an after dinner run to Petco.  It seems a certain girl was almost out of food and needed some new toys.  When I caught her this morning chewing on the bread twisty in her bed (she loves those damn things), I had to pry it from between her paws.  At one point, she put her paw down over it, to try to hide it.  I told her dogs can go to Hell, too, just like people, and she let me have it. In addition to a 50 pound bag of old gal dog food, she got two mix and match toys with squeakers.  She needed a new super long bat dog but they were out.  Those are her most favorites.  A fresh new fake squirrel is always welcome in her toy box but we didn't see any.  A girl can never have too many squirrels.

We let her go tonight since she's been good, was bored, and we figured maybe we could avoid a walk in the heat.  When we arrived, there was one big yellow lab named Max running around with a giant--and I do mean GIANT--chew bone in his mouth.  He almost knocked Sis down but she managed to avoid him somehow.  After he left, she had the place to herself which roughly translated means, she could cruise by the open dog cookie bins and help herself.  Luckily, her favorite mint breath cookies were down low enough that she could snag one without much effort, and without calling much attention to her pilfering.  She thinks this is merely a self serve cookie buffet, and even though I know better, I still let her do it.  Some dog owners are just incorrigible and let their dogs do whatever they want, and I guess that would make me the bad owner poster child.  Well, yeah.

While her dad loaded up her booty in his car, we got in, and then he nearly killed her.  She had walked over to his seat and climbed up on his door's arm rest to look out, right as he YANKED open the door, and out she fell.  I liketa d-i-e-d.  Luckily, she's a tough old bag and was none the worse for wear, but I was none too happy.  Now she's back home, snoozing in the white chair, after wolfing down countless dog cookies.  For a certain girl, it's been a really good dog day.

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