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Friday, July 6, 2012

Rockin' that pink

Sometimes I forget people are just people.  They aren't doing anything to me--they're just being who they are-- and remembering that sure makes life easier.  When I personalize something and make it all about me, Lord, love me....that can make for some powerfully tough sledding.  People just do what they do...kind of like cows.  Cows don't think about anybody but themselves and frankly, neither do many people, IMO.  I'm not grinding on anybody in particular today--just honing my awareness of human nature.  And animals.

And speaking of animals, Sis would like you all to know that she's wearing a brand new hot pink collar and she thinks she's simply stunning in it.  I tend to agree.  I wanted one that was even cuter--it had pink cupcakes on it--but all of the ones in her size were gone.  In fact ALL of the cuter pink ones in her size were gone, but I didn't tell her that.  One labile female around here is enough.  Her dad was worried I might have gotten her one with bling, but I simply draw the line at bling on my dog.  Bling is for poodles--not hunting girls.  Now, a hot pink camo would be fine with me.  Good luck finding one of those.  Uh, oh....look what I found.  :)))))

The top one is adorable!!
    Camo AND bling.....???  Nah.  Too poodle.  W-a-y too poodle.  Fred would levitate

Happy Weekend!!                                                                                             

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