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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Big 85

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure how this week's going to fly.  The roofers start first thing in the morning and luckily, I have a hair appointment later in the morning right around the time the noise would probably be getting to me--even with my hunting ear plugs in.  I figure between the Tejano music, accompanied singing, and all the hammering, a good three hours, and I'll be totally off my rocker.  My plan is to be real busy tomorrow so I'm not here a lot.  I haven't quite figured out day two (Wed.) of this roofing event, so stay tuned.  I know a chunk of that day is spoken for, so I may be able to give back my hunting ear plugs.  Not sure yet.

Thursday is mom's 85th birthday and I've already ordered flowers for her, from my sister and me.  I'll make a run over there to wish her a happy birthday--or as happy a birthday as she can have, given her situation.  That's also her hair day, so she'll be all gussied up and feeling clean.  Feeling clean just makes everything a little better.  Especially your birthday.

 While I can barely believe it myself, we've had yet another appliance death.  Our ice maker made it's last few cubes sometime over the weekend, and quietly slipped away.  I am happy to report that the repair man has been here and gone, and I just heard the familiar drop of ice cubes in a empty container, so we are back in bid'ness, yes, sirree.  Ice tea with no ice is,'s just wrong. 

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