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Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm not feelin' the love

Man.  Rejection cuts deep.  I just took the risk and put it out there...all of it.  On the line, baby.  And I got the No, thank you.  It wouldn't hurt nearly as bad if it wasn't from a dog.  I offered to take Sis on a walk because her dad is at a meeting at the church.  I got her leash, the house key, and then said "You wanna go walking?"-- all jazzy, just like he does.  Only I got the big nuh uh.  She didn't look away but it was almost that bad.  Fine.  Be that way.  See if I volunteer to take you again.  Hell will freeze, girlfriend.  And snow pink.  A bunch. 

And if being turned down wasn't bad enough, it was the pitiful look on her face.  Like I'm some sort of repugnant stand in.  No, I don't run around after her, chase her, and make it all fun.  I just walk her.  I also notice when a certain bodily function happens and I actually stop; unlike someone else, and she still prefers him. 

Didja forget I'm the one who got you that new pink collar??   Yeah, that was me.

Well, my faith has been restored.  Her dad just got here and she wouldn't go with him either.  Her back may be hurting so he's giving her a doggie pain pill, wrapped in a little cheese.  Maybe I need to put her under my covers with me, too, for a little "pillow talk".  Sometimes when your back hurts, that really helps.                          

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