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Monday, September 17, 2012

After dinner rainbow

Man, this has been one long Monday.  Considering I've been awake on and off since about 1:45AM, I'm one worn out gal.  Not sure why I was so wide eyed all night, just was.  I started to get up and do laundry about 4:30 but decided if I did, there be no chance of falling back to sleep at all so I might as well lie there.  Today has been one of those cannon ball strapped around each leg kind of days.

And, yes, I did attempt a nap this afternoon since napping is one of the things I really know how to do.  The only hitch has been the workers next door building our neighbors new car port and porch.  Probably not a good idea to ask them to be quiet, huh?  Sis got in her bed at the foot of ours, and it took her a nano second before she was out.  Me?  I took a little longer and it was just enough to give you the drags, which I already had, but that's OK.  The sun is out now and it's going to be a beautiful evening.  (Sis's back in the bed underneath my computer desk now.  She just goes from bed to bed all day long.  I should really be her.)

And speaking of her, Friday night as we packed up the car for the Farm, I nearly had a cow.  Fred had placed six...count 'em...six bags of fertilizer in the back end of his car, all lying flat.  When I mentioned that's where Sis's bed goes, he just gave me that look, and proceeded to tell me her bed was going on TOP of the six bags, and then I gave him that look.  Since the bags were filthy, he put an old blanket on top of the bags, put her bed on top of THAT, and in she went.  Never mind she thought it was heaven, and could see perfectly out of the side back windows, if he'd slammed on the brakes, Sis would have been a black scud missile, launched from the back shooting through the front.  Luckily, it didn't happen and we heard nary a peep out of her until we turned off on the road through town, and she began her "we're almost there" whine.  That girl loves the Farm every bit as much as we do.

Here's the rainbow after last night's party. 

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