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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh, not CRAZY TOWN again...

Obsession.  Worry.  Rehearsing your own personal drama over and over again and getting the same results each time.  You feel freaked out.  Your feel out of control.  You feel like life is going to end.  Good news: it's not.  It just feels like it is.  Drama and obsession are not your friends.  They will take your head places you would ordinarily never go, and I'm talking to CRAZY TOWN.

In CRAZY TOWN, everything is a disaster.  Chicken Little lives there--the chicken who always said the sky was falling-- only in CRAZY TOWN it is.  Because CRAZY TOWN is in your own head.  It's an illusion, it's not real, so we awfulize it even more.  Trying to convince someone that they have options is really difficult when they are determined to stay in CRAZY TOWN vs Real Life land.  Lots and lots of people give CRAZY TOWN the power to make them miserable, even when they don't have to be.  Those people assume the worst--even before they have gathered more information and done some fact finding.  Is it possible that something could be bad news?  Sure.  And it's just as likely that the news could be much better than you've already pre-determined it WILL be.  But, not in CRAZY TOWN.  Some people call this preparing themselves for the worst.  I call it concentrating on the negative.  You really want some negative??  The best way I know of to get some is to concentrate on it, and I mean really crank on it.  Sooner or later, honey, chile, you will have yo' self some N-E-G-A-T-I-V-E-- and lots of it.  It's a scientific fact that what we concentrate on, we get more of--we actually create it for ourselves and pull it to us.

Now, I don't know about you but worrying and freaking out is kinda of like rocking in a rocking chair--it gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you any where.  If  I can't do something about a situation anyway, visiting CRAZY TOWN is definitely NOT going to improve the situation.  Yes, some things are important, certainly, but let's be real here...none of us are really all that powerful that we can impact a situation markedly one way or the other.  I know a lot of people just cannot grasp that concept.  They honestly think they can kick butt or whoop a** and get what they want.  It will work with a few things, but for most things, not so much.  Honey, chile, you just ain't that powerful.

Heading to CRAZY TOWN is a reflex for a lot of us, until we learn how to do something else.  Learning not to go there, (or just for a brief visit) is a skill.  I have to ask myself 1) how big a deal is this really? 2) will it matter in five years  3) will I LMAO over this in a year and if so, why not laugh about it now?   Remember not to feed the worry bonfire--get out the marshmallows instead.  :)

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