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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Book deodorant or perfume?

Books.  I am completely enamored.  I love to hold them and thumb their pages.  I'm a bit of a picky reader--I won't just read anything--and Beach books don't do it for me.  I want a great story.  One I get to cast in my head.  I've told you all before that if I really like a book and the main character is brunette, and I think she should be blonde, then she's just blonde as far as I'm concerned, and that's the cool thing about books.  You can do that.  A movie?  No way.  You are just stuck.

But back to books.  There just never seems to be enough time to read them all, and with new authors coming out with new books all the time, there's just always going to be that next tantalizing read to look forward to.  And the next. And then the one after that.  I think I love words the most.  I love to see how authors arrange them to create a place, person, a whole world-- and depending on the ones they use and how they arrange them, totally different worlds and thoughts are created.  Some stick with you, some don't.  Some comfort you and others scare the liver out of you.  I love that.

I have a color, fancy pants, Nook e-reader and while I enjoy it, there's something I love about the physical sense of holding a book, feeling the pages, seeing whether they are old and yellowed or brand new, and if the book smells good.  Some are stinky even when they are new, which makes me wonder why paper has to be like it the paper or part of the binding process that makes it so atrocious?  I think I need to google or bing that and find out.

I'm back and I just checked.  The long and short of it is: books are organic matter and composed of all kinds of chemicals, that break down over time.  That's the Dick, Jane Sally version 'cause I'm not thinking you probably give two hoots.  But the best part is, I found out they make this, in case your book is stinky or you want that "new book" smell.  Who knew?

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